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7 Fun Things to Do in Hell, Michigan

October 7, 2019

When visiting Livingston County, we think you should go to Hell. No really! Hell, Michigan. it’s Hell on Earth! Legend has it, the town originally cropped up around a sawmill owned by George Reeves and one theory speculates that the town’s name is due to Reeves paying his workers in whiskey. When the men chose to stay and drink rather than head home, their wives would cry they had “gone to hell again.” The town stays true to its roots, as you’ll have a hell of a good time with these 7 Fun Things to Do in Hell, Michigan!


1. Play in Hell

The first thing you’ll want to do when you visit Hell, MI is take a few pictures to mark your arrival. The “Welcome to Hell” sign and fun cutouts are obviously a great place to start. Of course, the Devil finds work for idle hands to do, so make sure you set aside time for playing around. Along with themed Mini Golf, you can rent a canoe or kayak to paddle down Hell Creek along a chain of Pickney Recreation Area. Be sure to check out events in Hell, especially the annual Hearsefest!

Sign that reads Welcome to Hell

2. Give ‘Em Hell

Is there a better way to show you’re thinking of your families and friends than by sending a postcard from Hell’s U.S. Post Office? They singe and burn each letter so recipients are sure to know where they came from. The post office is especially popular on April 15, when many choose to send slightly crispy tax returns to the IRS.

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3. Rule Hell

Ever want to become the dark lord for a day? Now’s your chance. You can become Mayor of Hell for a day or for just an hour. A full-day term in office includes souvenirs, property ownership in Hell along with Hell dirt, proclamation certificates for being Mayor and for being impeached, and, obviously, some important Mayoral duties! If you’re mayor for an Hour, you’ll receive the aforementioned certificates and a mug. You can elect yourself, but nominating someone else is a perfect way to say what you think of them.

Girl poses in front of mayor for the day sign

Photo Courtesy of Go To Hell, MI on Facebook

4. Get a Taste of Hell

Since you’re already in Hell, dessert can come first. Enjoy delicious Hershey’s ice cream served with freshly made waffle cones from Screams Ice Cream. If you finish the Gravedigger Sundae, Screams accepts no responsibility for your demise, but will sign, seal, and singe your “Death Certificate”. Be sure to grab some grub from the newly renovated Hell Saloon afterward that offers fall angel wings, deviled eggs, scorn dog, and Michigan craft beer on tap. You could also check out Hell Hole Diner with its tasty Witch Stix’s, made from flatbread with mozzarella cheese, bacon, and garlic butter.

A couple shares a Gravedigger sundae

Photo Courtesy of Go To Hell, MI on Facebook

5. Hell Hath No Fury…

A marriage starting in Hell can only get better, right? If that sounds good to you, head over to the town’s chapel, with its question mark steeple, to literally get married in Hell. If you just want to lock your love in and throw away the key, then the “Locks of Love Bridge” is for you. Nothing says forever quite like Hell!

Couple gets married at Hell's Chapel of Love

Photo Courtesy of Go To Hell, MI on Facebook

6. Hell in a Handbasket

Aside from a postcard, there’s really no better way to say you’ve been to Hell than to come back with a souvenir. The gift shop offers unique Halloween items, shot glasses, t-shirt, postcards, and more.

gift shop in Hell

7. Buy A Piece of Hell

They say investing in real estate is the way to go, so why not buy your own square inch of Hell? By doing so, you become a member of the exclusive Hell Landowner’s Society. It might be only a square inch, but it goes all the way down. You can also buy some land for that special someone who might need it.

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