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8 Fun Things to Do in Hell, Michigan

October 12, 2022

When visiting the Brighton Howell Area, one place you should definitely go to is Hell – Hell, Michigan that is! Legend has it, the town originally cropped up around a sawmill owned by George Reeves. One theory speculates that the town’s name is due to Reeves paying his workers with whiskey. When the men chose to stay and drink rather than head home, their wives would cry they had “gone to hell again.” The town stays true to its roots, as you’ll have a hell of a good time with these 8 fun things to do in Hell, Michigan!

1. Walk Through the Gates of Hell

Sign that reads Welcome to Hell

The first thing you’ll want to do when you visit Hell, Michigan is to take a few pictures to mark your arrival. The “Welcome to Hell” sign and fun cutouts are a great place to start. Along with themed Mini Golf, you can rent a canoe or kayak to paddle down Hell Creek along a chain of Pickney Recreation Area. Don’t forget to check out events in Hell, especially the annual Hearsefest!

2. Send a Postcard From Hell

man standing in front of greetings from hell, michigan sign

Show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them by sending a postcard from the Hell U.S. Post Office. Each letter gets singed and burned so recipients are sure to know where they came from. The post office is especially popular on April 15, when many choose to send slightly crispy tax returns to the IRS.

3. Be the Mayor For the Day

If you’ve ever wanted to become the dark lord for a day, now’s your chance. You can become Mayor of Hell for a day or for just an hour. A full-day term in office includes souvenirs, property ownership in Hell along with Hell dirt, proclamation certificates for being Mayor and for being impeached, and, obviously, some important Mayoral duties! If you’re mayor for an Hour, you’ll receive the aforementioned certificates and a mug. Nominate yourself, pet, or your favorite object to be Hell’s Mayor For the Day.

4. Get a Taste of Hell

creamatory in Hell, Michigan

Cool off in Hell with an cold scoop of ice cream. Enjoy delicious Hershey’s ice cream served with freshly made waffle cones from Screams Ice Cream. If you finish the Gravedigger Sundae, Screams accepts no responsibility for your demise, but will sign, seal, and singe your “Death Certificate”.

Be sure to grab some grub from the newly renovated Hell Saloon. This local favorite offers angel wings, deviled eggs, scorn dog, and Michigan craft beer on tap. You could also check out Hell Hole Diner with its tasty Witch Stix’s, made from flatbread with mozzarella cheese, bacon, and garlic butter.

5. Get Married in Hell

Hell's Chapel of Love

A marriage starting in Hell has no where to go but up. So why not head over to the town’s chapel, with its question mark steeple, to literally get married in Hell. Hell’s Chapel of Love can be rented by the hour for you and your spouse-to-be to share your undying love with one another. The chapel itself holds up to 12 guests inluding the couple and officiant.

The blue doors on the outside of the chaple are there to ward away evil on your special day.

6. Don’t Forget your Souvenirs

There’s no better way to say you’ve been to Hell than to come back with souvenirs. Screams Souvenirs From Hell & Helloween offers Hell visitors hysterical merchandise like t-shirts, coffee mugs, shot glasses, pins, unique Halloween items, and so much more. Forgot something? No problem! You can shop the online store at any time.

7. Buy A Piece of Hell

Next time someone tells you to “go to Hell” you can tell them you own a piece of it. Become an official property owner in Hell, Michigan by buying your own square inch. When you become a property owner in Hell, you become a member of the exclusive Hell Landowner’s Society.

8.) Lock In Your Love

Lock in your love and throw away the key at the infamous Locks of Love Bridge. Join hundreds of other “damned lovers” by placing your lock on the gate of the bridge and throwing the key into the Hell Creek River. If you didn’t bring a lock, head to Screams Souveniers from Hell & Helloween to purchase one. Nothing says forever quite like Hell!

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