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cider donuts and spicer's apple cider

Fall Favorites in Livingston County

Please enjoy this guest blog from Kristel Lebon of @Detroit_Foodies. It’s that time of the year again – leaves changing color, temperatures getting cooler, and all your favorite fall flavors being available again on the menu. There’s certainly a fall food item for everyone in the family with so many great options when you go …more

hell exit visa

Go to Hell! – Know Before You Go!

Welcome to Hell, MI, Livingston County’s hidden town filled with devilish fun and heavenly views! Grab an ice cream from The Creamatory or send a postcard from the Hell post office with burn and singe marks to prove to your friends that you survived the trip. Explore the 10,000 acres of State Park land at …more

mac and cheese and pulled pork from a food truck

Catch These Food Trucks in Livingston County

2020 has been a year of ups and downs. Have you found yourself in need a pick me up after a bad day recently? Thankfully, there is one comfort in this world that will never let you down… Food trucks! There’s something magical about seeing your favorite comfort foods on wheels. Indulge in your favorite …more

A woman holding a veggie pasta dish

Allergy Friendly Restaurants in Livingston County

For those with food allergies, eating out can be a challenge to say the least. Try out some of these Livingston County favorites, and take comfort in knowing that these businesses take extra precautions in keeping our food allergy friends safe. Reference this list next time you venture out to eat, but also make sure …more

white wedding cake on wooden table

Brighton-Howell Area Wedding Guide: Wedding Cake Edition

After your future wedding, your loved ones will look back on photos of your carefully crafted floral arrangements, Pinterest-worthy party favors, and emotional speeches. While all of these are important, there is one that is most important, The cake. Great cake makes for happy guests. Thankfully, finding sweet treats in Livingston County is easy as …more

Livingston County Horoscope

A horoscope is an astrological chart that represents the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets during the time of events, like the moment of a person’s birth. Many believe that our astrological signs accurately portray our personality traits and interests. Find your sign, and read about activities you may enjoy trying in Livingston County. …more

family hiking in forest

Take a Hike in Livingston County

Livingston County has enough trails to tire out even the most dynamite hiker. Hike all 123 trails or explore our 50,000+ acres of parks. There is outdoor recreation for everyone to enjoy here. Explore these trails via horseback, on a bike, roller blades, skateboard, or your own two feet. Whatever you do, let us know …more

Explore Brighton Howell State Recreation Areas

The Brighton Howell Area is home to three separate state recreation areas that provide endless fun. These three recreation areas are unique in their own special ways. Visit them all and enjoy the large variety of outdoor recreation amenities they have to offer. Let us know which park is your favorite! Brighton State Recreation Area …more

two brown horses in a pasture

Saddle Up for Livingston County

Livingston county is a great, neigh, the greatest area to bond with horses. The county holds 50,000 + acres of park land, and three state parks surrounded by countless bodies of water. Our four-legged friends have plenty of room to horse around to their heart’s content. Here are some locations that provide trails for you …more