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Searching for the Perfect Tree in the Brighton Howell Area

November 23, 2021

Please enjoy this guest blog from local video producer, Aaron Boak.


Christmas Tree Hunt 2019 from ACB PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.


As a full-time video producer and a native of Howell, I am always looking to combine my passion for video and storytelling at a must-stop location.

Every year my family and I search for the perfect Christmas tree, a quest my children, Mccoy, 5, and Sloan, 3, love.

It’s why finding the right Christmas tree — the one Clark Griswold drools over in “Christmas Vacation” — is important. We look no further than Waldock Tree Farm in Howell, where the staff and food, and experience are unmatched.

I mean, as soon as I open my truck doors, we are welcomed by cantaloupe-wide smiles on every employee’s face. Yes, it’s the Christmas season, but this greeting doesn’t seem forced, doesn’t seem fake.

It’s why we keep coming back each year.


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Another reason is due to Waldock’s huge selection of trees. Oftentimes, our children run through the different species of trees in a mission to pick out the tree that best suits our house. This year we brought our new puppy, Traeger, who — yep, you guessed it — loves Waldocks, too!

Whether you are in the mood for tree shopping or dipping a warm doughnut into hot cocoa, the Waldocks are the perfect solution to any of your “Nightmare(s) before Christmas.” Our kids usually eat the cinnamon and sugar doughnuts, which are made fresh in front of our faces.

Walking back to the truck — my children already in a sugar coma — we plan the tree decorations, a family tradition since 2014. Add in Michael Buble Christmas music, a sprinkle of snowflake ornaments and a dash of some strong drink (preferably bourbon), and we’ve created the perfect Christmas memory with the perfect Christmas tree.


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If you’re considering buying a real Christmas tree, you should check out Waldock Tree Farm. Because it’s never too late to find the perfect Christmas tree. 

Please note, this blog was written before the COVID-19 pandemic. Extra safety precautions must now be taken when visiting Livingston County attractions like Waldock Tree Farm. To view their specific safety requirements, click here.

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