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November 1, 2021

To rebrand a destination (and DMO), it’s imperative to work with community partners and gather information directly from consumers in target markets. To be truly successful, the destination’s brand must also resonate with locals who are natural participants in the delivery of the destination’s experience. Throughout 2020 and part of 2021, the CVB was fortunate to work with an industry leader in the travel and tourism space, Don Anderson (Destination Consultancy Group), to conduct brand research to determine among key business and community stakeholders, visitors, meeting and sports event planners and residents, their feelings perceptions, and attitudes toward Livingston County and its communities as a place to live and visit for leisure, event, and business reason. The online surveys collected information and were combined with focus group data as well as the LCCVB Branding Committee insights and were analyzed. This data-driven project was about defining the Livingston County visitor experience to formulate an area-wide strategy that would allow its communities to communicate its tourism/hospitality product services, and experiences more effectively by uniting around a commonly understood message.

Armed with this comprehensive data-driven assessment, Octane Design, a highly innovative and renowned marketing agency, captured the true brand essence of our area with the perceptions and reality of what people know to be Livingston County. Our new Brand Platform includes a fresh brand promise, positioning, essence, attributes, characteristics, values, beliefs, themes, messaging, voice, and guidelines to present Livingston County as a destination for visitors, meetings, and events. Please continue to Explore the Brighton Howell Area and encourage others to experience all we have to offer.


Blessed with a landscape and location that are equally accessible and attractive, the Brighton Howell Area delivers adventuresome experiences that are both rural and urban. Here, parks and trailways live in kinship with historic communities, diverse shopping districts, refined dining, and relaxed pubs. For guests and locals alike, our brand evokes a sense of adventure atop a platform of friendships and traditions well treasured.

For more information on our new brand (including the brand promise, themes, messaging, and more), click here.

Please contact Mary Robinson if you have any questions.

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