Legacy Center Sports Complex looks to grow again with proposed expansion

June 19, 2019

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The Legacy Center Sports Complex is looking to grow again.

This time, ownership of the large multi-sport facility has proposed adding a 76,050-square-foot basketball and volleyball center to the Green Oak Township facility. The project would cost approximately $6 million.

The proposal needs backing from investors.

Droo Callahan, the complex’s director of sports, said they have club basketball teams, but those teams have been practicing and playing games in area high school gymnasiums.

“We’ve been limited in our basketball footprint in the state,” Callahan said.

The Legacy Center’s basketball program has been able to have as many as 15 club basketball teams in the winter season. Callahan said there are at least eight teams during fall and spring.

“We’ll have an opportunity to have an awesome experience and bring in college coaches to see them easier,” he said.
The proposed basketball and volleyball center would feature eight hardwood basketball courts that can be converted into 16 volleyball courts.

It would also include a mezzanine with bleachers where spectators can watch games from above and other seating areas on the floor, as well as a concession stand, team rooms and restrooms, along with pitching tunnels that the complex’s baseball program could use.

‘Go big or go home’
Kristen Althouse, the complex’s director of volleyball, says her volleyball program has 13 club teams this year.

Althouse forecasts new volleyball courts would double the number of teams.

“Go big or go home. …It will increase the number of teams in our annual volleyball tournament in mid-May,” Althouse said. “We can probably double the size of the tournament.”

She also hopes to add boy’s volleyball.

“With more courts, we can expand into an untapped market,” she said.
She said she is excited proposed plans would feature hardwood courts for volleyball. They currently have three plastic courts that are placed over artificial turf in a sports dome on the property.

Girls volleyball teams are in the complex’s Legends Volleyball Organization, the official name of the Legacy Center’s volleyball program.

“We are quickly expanding out of the dome,” she said. “Our courts right now are regulation size, inside the lines, but we also need outside lines to be able to teach and grow the game.”

The Legacy Center has undergone several large expansions costing millions since opening in 2013.

The complex features:

A 101,000-square-foot indoor sports field house
A 104,000-square-foot inflated dome with artificial turf
A 15,000-square-foot baseball and softball training facility
Outdoor fields for sports such as football, soccer, lacrosse
Outdoor baseball and softball fields
Outdoor sand volleyball courts
A medical wellness and fitness center could be built in the next few years, Callahan said.

Township looking into new field lighting
Green Oak Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles said the township has received a few complaints from residents living adjacent to the Legacy Center about the brightness of LED field lights installed last summer.

“We are taking readings at night to make sure they are in compliance with their planned unit development agreement,” St. Charles said.

He said if there is an issue, they will work with the complex to resolve any potential problem.

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