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Ore Creek – Know Before You Go!

August 16, 2021

Calling all cider enthusiasts! Ore Creek Craft Cider is a cider shack in Pinckney that is a must-try. Enjoy flavorful ciders created from locally sourced Michigan apples and an inviting outdoor patio complete with barrel tables, a firepit, and board games. Ore Creek has a fun atmosphere that appeals to all people of all ages!

Visit Ore Creek by car or boat to explore their delicious ciders with creative names. To learn more about all that Ore Creek has to offer, we spoke to Jennifer Bond, Ore Creek’s Social Media and Marketing Director.


Which cider is your top-seller?


two cans of skinny dipper cider sitting on a boat dock


Our top-selling ciders can really vary day to day depending on the season. Skinny Dipper, a refreshing lemon cider that is enjoyed more in the summer, and Winter Shanty, a mulled spice cider that many describe as tasting like Christmas, can be a winter favorite. Throughout the year, Chappy, our Traverse City tart cherry cider, I would say is our top-seller. Many people like blending it with Winter Shanty, which creates our Apple Pie blend. Because we don’t add any additional sugars, our ciders are on the semi-dry, semi-sweet side, which many folks appreciate.

We have heard time and time again, “I don’t usually like ciders, but I love yours!”


Which cider is your personal favorite?


close up shot of a hand holding a can of Base Camp cider from Ore Creek


I personally like base camp, which is our straightforward fermented cider. It’s the foundation of all of our ciders, and I enjoy the crisp apple flavor it brings time and time again!


What kind of awards have the ciders at Ore Creek received?


Ciders on tap at Ore Creek


When Ore Creek was in its infancy, Jay and Brandon entered the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, commonly known as GLINTCAP. During their home fermenting times, they were able to earn silver and bronze medals for their ciders.


Ore Creek partners with other Livingston County businesses like Eternity Brewing and Tabs Custom Cuts. Has Ore Creek partnered with any other local businesses and are there any that you would like to partner with in the future?


We do have some local snacks in our cidery like Pop Daddy pretzels from Whitmore Lake and Diablo salsa from Brighton. We also love having NautiMI as a neighbor and have even concocted cider floats with their Hudsonville ice cream. We are fortunate to have the awesome food from Riverside Pizza right next door, as many customers will order it to enjoy with their cider. Being that we opened just before the pandemic, we have yet to have a full year open to doing normal business. Moving forward we are hoping to expand Ore Creek’s horizons, but we don’t have immediate plans for partnerships, as far as our ciders being on tap elsewhere.


Ore Creek sells awesome apparel! Aside from apparel and cider, what other items does Ore Creek carry?


apparel wall at Ore Creek


We carry laser-engraved pilsners and growlers, boat flags, barrel wall art, soaps, and personal care items, as well as many Michigan-made snack foods.


Ore Creek hosts live music nights which gives us all the excuse to socialize and drink delicious ciders! What events can we expect to see at Ore Creek this summer?

cans of cider and a growler of cider on a table at Ore Creek


We will continue to have live music throughout the summer, mainly during the weekend. We have events planned from Coty Lyn, Jason Locke, Jason and Brad, and Jarrett Cogswell coming up in July and August, with some other acts in the works! The best way to stay tuned for our upcoming events is through our Facebook page.


Ore Creek sells ciders with creative names, especially ones that promote favorite local spots like Strawberry Lake and Little Portage Pineapple. How often does Ore Creek release new ciders, and will there be more flavors named after local landmarks in the future?



Yes, many folks love our creative names! Many truly have a water/camping theme. For example, our jalapeno cider is named Angry Spanker. A spanker is another name for a paddle, as it spanks whitewater waves. We have also tried to bring in a local flair with our 10th Tap Seasonal Cider using names like Baseline Blue, Whitewood White Peach, and more. As far as rotations go, we don’t have a set rotation schedule, as our small batches rely on seasonal fruit, customer joy, and creative moments.


What is Ore Creek’s favorite part of being a cidery in the Livingston County community?


patio table at ore creek


By far the best thing about Ore Creek is the environment that has been created with our customers. We have some of the BEST customers that bring an awesome vibe to our cidery. From families gathering and eating together while enjoying the cider to weekly meet-ups with empty-nesters, we have customers that have found a great place to get away from the chaos of life. We don’t have TVs, which many people appreciate, so it really allows folks to have conversations and connect with each other. The staff at Ore Creek loves to connect too, and the customers are really the best part of working at Ore Creek.

Enjoy a cider experience unlike any other at Ore Creek Craft Cidery and Taproom! Visit this cider shack and enjoy marvelous lake views while connecting with seasoned cider gurus and lovely Livingston County locals.

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