Iron Grip Ninja & Obstacle Training

The 5,000 sq. ft. ninja warrior facility was built from the ground up and includes many of the obstacles that are featured on the popular television show. Constructing the entire facility from scratch allowed them to focus on safety. The entire floor area is covered in a rubber matting material providing the first level of protection to all of their participants. Throughout the building, you will find gymnastics quality mats and padding under and around each obstacle to cushion and protect against injuries. They also have a dedicated safety, cleaning, and maintenance schedule that is performed regularly to ensure that everything remains in top condition.

Main Area

The main area is designed so that ninjas can flow from one obstacle to the other. It is also made to be modifiable so that ninjas of all ages and levels can participate in obstacle training. Some of the obstacles in the main area include: 10 ft. Warped Wall, 12 ft. Warped Wall, 15 ft. Warped Wall, Devil Steps Salmon Ladder, Quad Steps, Pipe Slider, and Tilting Ladder.

Next Gen Ninjas

They have taken most of the american ninja warrior obstacles and made them on a smaller scale for their littlest ninjas. They will have their own separate area to train and perform with obstacles including Quad Steps and their very own Warped Wall. The Next Gen Ninjas will not be limited to just this area but will be able to use some of the main area as a group or as individuals (as their skills allow).

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Iron Grip Ninja & Obstacle Training
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Monday – Friday 9:30am – 8:00pm
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