Kensington Valley Ice House

Since 1999, Kensington Valley Ice House have added services, and their hockey and figure skating programs have grown. Their hockey association has become the largest in Michigan and includes the house and travel programs (Rebels and Renegades). Both skate out of Kensington Valley Ice House and the Hartland Ice House.


Meeting Spaces

Can accommodate parties at both Brighton and Hartland facilities. Availability is dependent on staffing and ice schedule.
If you would like to enjoy cake, cupcakes or ice cream, you are more than welcome to provide your own during the party. Due to health code restrictions, no other outside food or beverages are permitted.

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Contact Hours
Kensington Valley Ice House
10540 Citation Drive, Brighton, MI, 48116, USA
(810) 494-5555
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Front Office Hours Only:
Monday-Wednesday 9:30 am - 10pm
Thursday & Friday 9:30am-9pm
Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am - 9:30 pm

Hours are subject to change based on Ice schedule. Facility will be open at least an hour before first ice and an hour after last ice.