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Leo’s Coney Island

Leo’s Coney Island is a quick serve casual dining restaurant featuring American fare specializing in salads, coneys and breakfast with some Greek food items.


The Brighton Leo’s Coney Island information is used on this page. Other Leo’s Coney Island locations within Livingston County are listed below.

Hartland Leo’s Coney Island:

11020 Highland Rd.
(810) 632-9302
Open Daily: 6AM-10PM

Howell Leo’s Coney Islands:

1382 N. Burkhart Rd.
(517) 552-3070
Monday-Sunday: 6AM-10PM

4380 Grand River Ave
(517) 548-9480
Monday-Saturday: 7AM-8PM


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8280 Movie Dr
Brighton, MI, USA
(810) 844-2562
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Open Daily: 6AM-10PM