Sandhill Soaring Club

Sandhill Soaring Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public and its members about the sport and artistry of soaring. Just outside of Hell the club operates off of the Richmond Field, a single north-south runway, 2,600 feet long. The club is based on volunteer operations, whose passions lie with safe and successful gliding for everyone interested. Sandhill Soaring Club will teach soaring enthusiasts of any age to become a pilot.

When you become a member of the Sandhill Soaring Club, you can enjoy additional amenities and events such as camping at the airport. The facility gets its name from being close to the nesting grounds of the Sandhill Crane, these beautiful birds are often found in the fields.

Operating most weekends April through November.

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Contact Hours
19935 Doyle Rd
Gregory, MI 48137, USA
734-498-2075visit website

Saturday and Sunday- 12 PM - 5 PM