Social Media Best Practices

If you can take one marketing lesson away from 2020, let it be this: your customers need consistent and accurate updates about your business. The information you’re posting on social media doesn’t have to be complicated, but it needs to be correct. Your loyal customers want to support you and you can help make it easy for them with just a few tweaks to your social media marketing strategy. The Livingston County Convention & Visitors Bureau put together 5 easy tips for you, taking notes from some local businesses that are rocking their social media pages.


Good Photos

A good description of your signature menu item or a new product is great, but a good photo will really tell your story. Liv Monte of The Wooden Spoon, says, “Create some sort of clear image that catches people’s attention as they are mindlessly scrolling Facebook to communicate your most essential information. Make it appealing to the eyes! As far as food photography, proper and natural light is EVERYTHING! Get outside or at least near a window to capture the true essence of a dish!” Try and tell your story with your photo before you tell it with text, and definitely avoid posting photos with text on them.

fish and greens on a white plate


Different Platforms + Content

Facebook is a great way to reach new customers, but are you cross-posting to Instagram or Twitter as well? Different audiences live on different platforms. If you’re taking the time to write out a Facebook post, consider popping it over onto your Instagram page as well. Do you have a TikTok enthusiast on your team? Ask them to create video content for your page. It’s eye-catching and has great rates of engagement across all platforms. Check out Jonna’s Market and Weaver’s Kava House on TikTok for inspiration!


Post Frequently + Promote Your Deals

Don’t leave your customers hanging! You don’t necessarily need daily posts, but give 3-5 posts weekly a try. During the stay-at-home orders in early 2020, it was imperative that businesses post their updated hours and offerings on social media. Many missed out on posting these things, and in turn, missed out on business or being promoted by local pages. Are you a restaurant featuring a weekly special? Does your shop have a discount for essential workers? Let them know! People will share your posts and tag their friends. Even just 1 post a week about a special offering will catch the attention of prospective customers and get them thinking about your products! Check out 2FOG’s Pub for great examples of promoting specials and deals.

a screenshot of a facebook post from 2fogs


Find Your Voice

Carly Leisk of Culture Beer and Cheese says, “When it comes to captions/writing the copy, I like to write as I speak. I try to make it sound like I’m having a short convo with the followers. I’ll use slang and some ‘hip’ lingo (not too much, as I have followers of a wide age range.) But I feel my casual approach also makes it sound less sales pitchy and more like a friendly recommendation.” Don’t be afraid to bring some humor and personality into your posts to give your audience as your form your brand’s digital presence. The most important thing is that you stay authentic. Liz Wood of M Street Baking Company says, “Everything we post, we like it to match our brand, bright, fun and stay consistent. We always use our own photos and what you see is what you get, we never falsely advertise or mislead our followers.”

a screenshot of a facebook post


Check The Details

Just as important as a beautiful post, is the information on your page! Are your hours correct? Do they reflect the same ones listed on your Google My Business page? Does the link to your website work? 54% of people use social media to research a product before buying and 49% of consumers learn about food through social media. Remember to claim your profile on our website too!


Start with these tips to amplify your social media marketing strategy and see what works best for you!

an infographic about social media best practices