2|42 Brighton Campus

2|42 Community Center in Brighton has a mission to be a welcoming area for the community to work, play, and connect. As a gift from the 2|42 Church for anyone in the community to use, this area has become a hub for activities, meetings, play, and more. Through various programs, great music, open community spaces, recreation, and more, they promote fun while serving the area in multiple ways. A few businesses operate within the center, including Stateside Deli, the School for the Arts, and a Crossfit Gym.

The center has traditional and unique meeting spaces for rent each week. Rental options include a full turf field split for multiple use, a full basketball court, and several professional meeting spaces. The versatile space is perfect for bridal showers, birthday parties, and networking events. All ages can have fun in the open spaces. Plus, you’ll find amenities like ping pong, basketball, and air hockey games in the Kids Activity Room available for rent. Private spaces and pods with audio and visual capabilities suit groups of 6 to 1,200 patrons.

The facility is full of amenities to ensure all guests are cared for throughout their experience at 2|42. These include pristine full locker rooms, where visitors can shower, store items, and clean up after an afternoon of playing. One of the main attractions is the two-story play structure, which is open to children 10 and under. In addition, there is a bouldering wall that offers a challenging yet safe opportunity to start your rock climbing journey.

Individuals and families can explore open and free areas anytime the building is open. If an area is not rented out, it is typically free for guests to use. Please note that adult supervision is always required for children and students under 15.

Meeting Spaces

Meeting Rooms 1 & 3 – $40 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 26
Meeting Rooms 2 – $40 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 12
Meeting Rooms 4 – $50 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 12
Meeting Rooms 5 – $65 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 32
Game Rooms 1 & 2 – $45 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 48
Kids Park Main – $65 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 80
Kids Activity Room – $65 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 80
The POD – $25 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 6
Kids Auditorium (w/stage) – $100 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 96
Student Auditorium (w/stage) – $175 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 112
Main Auditorium (w/stage) – $250 per Hour – Max. Capacity: 1200
Field Rental: $180 per Hour
Half Field: $90 per Hour
Gymnasium: $100 per Hour

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Contact Hours
7526 Grand River Avenue
Brighton, MI 48114, USA
(810) 231-0190
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This building is open for the public use Monday-Saturday 9:00 am - 8:00 pm and Closed Sundays for service times.
Thursday: 6:30 pm
Sunday: 9:30 am and11:00 am
5th & 6th grade: Thursday 6:30 pm, Sun 9:30 am and 11:00 am
7th-12th grade: Sunday 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm