Aberrant Ales

Aberrant Ales is a full-service craft brewery located in the heart of downtown Howell. The brewery has built itself a powerful reputation for its historic-style beers, which have an interpreted twist and uncompromised quality. This brewery is the perfect blend of old-fashioned amazing beer with a new-age vibe that compliments our world today. Along with the delicious brews, there is a full food menu, house-made spirits for cocktails, and even indoor cornhole. Two sets of boards and bags allow for parallel play with your whole group. The space has an elevated standing table with barstools that sit behind the cornhole boards. The space is perfect for a bachelor party, bridal shower, networking event, or a night on the town. The large event space can be set up to cater to your group comfortably and has a curtain to dull the noise of the main taproom.

The Drinks

When you walk into Aberrant Ales, the fresh and classic vibe welcomes you with ample seating space and the best tunes in town on the speakers. The beer on tap rotates seasonally to introduce new flavors and keep the menu fresh. Choose from ten or more draft options, not counting the vibrant seltzers and ciders. Five core beers never leave the draft list, paired with an additional five that the genius brewers conjure up. The classic C.R.E.A.M. is a creamy twist on the traditional beer, bound to make you want a second pour. The blonde ale Spandex Crusher and the NEIPA Hazy D and the Boys are delightful twists on the classic beer you know and love. You’ll find that Abberant Ales beer is beloved far beyond the Brighton Howell Area, as it is exported and stashed at local restaurants throughout southeast Michigan.

This brewery is unlike any other in the area; not only do they serve the crispiest glass of beer, but they have a distinct line of spirits, too. If a draft is not your forte, try the Aberrant Ales rum, gin, vodka, and whiskey. Go for a straight pour, or try one of their refreshing cocktail creations with your meal. The signature cocktail menu follows the same flare with options like the Gin and Juice, the Tom Collins, or Pirate Fashioned. Any spirit can be paired with any juice or mixer; you can always ask the staff to recommend their favorites.

The Food

Although the focus is on the drinks, Aberrant Ales knows no limitations in their kitchen. With an ever-evolving menu and unbeatable house-made fresh quality, their kitchen shines just as bright as the bar. Start your experience with the Bavarian Pretzels, the Poutine, eh?, or the Big Poppa Dip. Then, move into the main attractions of the slider and taco platters. But that is not all; you can also order tasty pizza and other handheld creations. The taproom favorites include the Mothaclucka Jones, the My Cousin Vinny, and the California Turkey sandwiches. As an added menu bonus, each meal and food option has a specific beer to complement it. For example, the Nashville Hot Sliders recommended pair is the Hazy D and the Boys.

On Sundays, Aberrant Ales is open just for brunch seating. From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, join the brewery for Sunday brunch Aberrant style. The menu starts with drink options like Bloody Mary, Beermosa, and Vodka Sunrise. Next, the reason for the morning the savory and sweet food choices. The fan-favorites are available with the special Aberrant Ales twist. Try the Bret’s Breakfast ‘Batta, the Brunch Wrap Supreme, or the Apple Pie French Toast; it’s a brunch you’ve never seen before.

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MI 48843
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Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm