Escape Room Brighton themed room

Escape Room Brighton

Escape Room Brighton offers you 5 different rooms in which you and your group can try to escape. Each room includes challenges, puzzles, and clues you must use to try and escape the room. There are 4 different types of levels hard, medium, and easy to allow you to pick the one that best fits you. Each room has a different theme to it. The themes are The Jade Skull, Shipwreck Island, UFO: Alien Voyage, Fortune Teller, and Dr. Sulken’s Laboratory. Come and see if you can escape the room!

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Contact Hours
8143 Grand River Avenue
Brighton, MI, USA
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Monday -Thursday : Closed
Friday: 3:00 pm-9:30 pm
Saturday: 12:00 pm-9:30 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm-8:00 pm