Beekeeping boxes with someone tending to them. Bees and honey inside light colored boxes.

Turtlebee Farms

Turtlebee Farms is a bee and honey farm outside Howell where you can get honey straight from the source. This farm is a family-friendly and hands-on environment to learn and experience how honey is made by the bees at Turtlebee Farms and brought to your table.

The home building of Turtlebee Farms is the home of beekeeping events, farm-fresh products, and Kathie’s Candle-Making Shop. Choose from a wide menu of items from honey to beeswax, candles, skincare products, soap, and even maple syrup!

This farm provides 2-session training if you want to begin managing your own bees. These classes are held on Fridays during the summer. Visit their website to get more information.

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Contact Hours
3415 E Cohoctah Rd
Howell, MI 48855, USA
810) 266-4880
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Monday-Friday: 8 AM - 6 PM
Saturday- Sunday: CLOSED