kayakers on the water at Kensington Metropark Brighton Michigan

Exploring the water via canoe and kayak is the perfect way to see incredible natural beauty in a convenient and eco-friendly way. Learn more below on the canoe and kayak launches in the Brighton Howell Area.

Boat launch next to dock at Lake Chemung in Howell, Michigan

Lake Chemung

The Lake Chemung canoe and kayak launch is the same place as the boat launch for large boats. Located on Oak Haven Drive with 27 parking spots makes it easy to drop your canoe or kayak in and enjoy the day.


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Kayak and canoe launch at Kensington Metropark in Brighton, Michigan

Kensington Metropark

Drop your canoe or kayak at Kensington Metropark – home to Kent Lake. You can drop your canoe or kayak into the lake or you can head over to the East or West boat launch. If you access the park from Exit 151, the West boat launch will be on your right. If you enter the park from Exit 153, the East boat launch will be on your left.

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Huron River Water Trail in Huron Meadows Metropark

Huron River Water Trail

The Huron River Water Trail is 104 miles long, with many new places to discover. Since the trail is so long, you have multiple locations to launch your watercraft. In the Brighton Howell Area, you can access the trail via Kensington Metropark, Island Lake Recreation Area, Huron Meadows Metropark, Manly Bennett Park, or Portage Lake. Learn the best place for you to drop in here.

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Cedar Ridge Access in Huron Meadows Metropark Brighton, Michigan

Huron Meadows Metropark

At Huron Meadows Metropark, you can drop in your canoe or kayak right into the Huron River Water Trail. When you enter the park, keep going straight, and it will take you right to Cedar Ridge.

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Scofield Park kayak and canoe launch on Thompson Lake

Scofield Park

You can drop off canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards at the boat launch located on Roosevelt Street. Minutes from Downtown Howell and plenty of parking spots make this the perfect place to enjoy the water. Coming soon is an all-accessible kayak launch with a new concrete ramp.

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Pinckney Recreation Area canoe and kayak launch on Halfmoon Lake

Pinckney Recreation Area

Pinckney Recreation Area has a canoe and kayak launch located on Halfmoon Lake. When you enter the park, the boat launch will be on your right. Halfmoon Lake offers 236 acres for you to explore.

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Kayak slide at Island Lake Recreation Area Kent Lake

Island Lake Recreation Area

When you enter the park, head to the Island Lake Picnic Grounds, also known as the Kent Lake parking lot. Park on the west side of the parking lot and carry your canoe, kayak, or paddleboard down to the river. Use the kayak slide to help you with easy access to the river.

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man kayaking at Bishop Lake in Brighton Recreation Area

Brighton Recreation Area

Brighton Recreation Area has two places where you can drop in your canoe, kayak, or paddleboard in. On Bishop Lake, the launch is located on the Northeastern side of the lake. The Appleton Lake launch is on the Southwest side of the lake with 10 parking spots available.

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