terrorfied forest haunted forest

Haunted Houses


The Halloween season brings your favorite spooky activities. If you love to be scared, the Brighton Howell Area is the perfect place to plan your spooky getaway and enjoy haunted houses. From haunted forests to ghost tours – the Brighton Howell area is your one-stop shop for all things creepy. Here is a list of the areas Haunted Houses that are some of the scariest in southeast Michigan.

slaughterhouse adventure haunted house and corn maze

Slaughterhouse Adventure Haunted House & Corn Maze

Slaughterhouse Adventure returns this year for it’s 20th season. House in a nine year old barn and is a cross between stepping into a crucible play and a Chris Angel Mindfreak scares. There are some startle scares but more so extremely entertaining.

There is also a haunted hayride, haunted field, a 26-acre maze and two escape rooms. All of them contain one of a kind scares that no other place else is doing.

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slay nights haunted house

Slay Nights

This is one of the scariest Halloween Houses in Michigan. If you love to be scared we dare you to try to make it through twists and turns of delightful horror! Say your goodbyes now… Prepare to scream! The fright of this Halloween season invades Slay Nights of Howell, Michigan, every weekend in October.

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terrorfied forest haunted attraction

Terrorfied Forest

Are you afraid of what comes out at night?

Terrorfied Forest is an outdoor haunted attraction that puts you right in the middle of the forest. If you dare, take a journey through the woods, just under a mile-long walk as a dimly lit path will guide your way through.

For 23 years creatures have lurked in these woods and you can be sure they know your every move.

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