areal shot of downtown Brighton, Michigan streets with shops and restaurants

Downtown Brighton offers you a way to enjoy an outdoor drink from local restaurants within the set common area. In the Downtown Brighton Social District, you can purchase drinks from a variety of restaurants. Participating locations will have approved containers with the city’s social district logo and logo of where the drink was purchased.

The Brighton social district rules are as follows:

  • The social district will be open from Monday to Sunday: 12 pm – 10 pm
  • Alcoholic beverages not purchased from a social district-approved establishment is prohibited
  • Alcoholic beverages purchased from qualified establishments and in approved containers can only be consumed and carried in the common area
  • You may not bring alcoholic beverages into an establishment purchased from another establishment
  • Possession of alcoholic beverages in the streets, parking lots, and railroad tracks is prohibited
  • Street crossing is only allowed within crosswalks at intersections

Brighton Social District Restaurants

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