Black Rock Bar & Grill

Black Rock Bar & Grill is an entertaining and unique dining experience that began right here in Hartland. This award-winning steakhouse is known for its do-it-yourself style service: they provide elite cuts of meat, and you cook it to your suited perfection. Each table has a 755-degree volcanic sizzling rock; your grill for the evening awaits! The cooking method will ensure that each bite is as juicy as the next.

If you’re looking for bites to share before the fun starts, try the Dueling Pretzel and Cheese Fondue or the Bubbling Shrimp on a Stone for two unique specialties. The meat options include the Signature Black Rock sirloin, filets, lamb chops, jumbo shrimp, and scallops! The team at Black Rock Bar & Grill has dedicated chefs who curated a menu based on their most popular cuts, in case you don’t have a hankering for something off the rock. The varying meats and seafood options come with sides and combos to help you find a perfect pair side dish. Other notable menu items include the Strawberry and Apple Fields Salad, a mix of fruits and greens deliciousness to experience the flavors of Michigan. If you’re vegetarian, there is a special menu with five tasty entrees.

Flexible seating and various menu items make this restaurant the ultimate destination for group dining. Plus, everyone gets to have a hand in their dinner creation. Try out the Black Rock Bar & Grill for happy hour during the week with friends or after work. Walk-in seating is available for groups of all sizes, but they offer call-ahead priority seating arrangements for larger parties. Black Rock can accommodate you with private rooms or large-area group seating for special occasions.

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Black Rock Bar & Grill
10100 West Highland Road, Hartland, MI, USA
(810) 632-5500
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Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm