Brighton Coffeehouse & Theater

Brighton Coffeehouse & Theater is a dream come true story. The Coffeehouse will be ultimate in every way. Starting with the finest Espresso Machine; offering coffee roasted on site, fresh brewed to order, artisan breads, fresh baked pastry, home made Chai… each aspect is designed to impress and please.

The Black Box Theater is small but can seat about 70. Everything is possible… classic Musicals, dramas, ballet, Chorale, Big Band Dances, Jazz, radio plays, and original plays. Book readings, signings, art shows, and community talks as well. Black Box Theater uses minimal props and sets, the focus is on the actors and words. Soon you find your self creating the visuals. Plays they hope to do…  39 Steps, Goodbye Mr Chips (Musical), The Trekky Musical, My Fair lady, Man of LaMancha, The Final Offer, Race with the Devil (Gene Viincent), Son of Dracula (Nillson), Terms of Endearment, Shakespeare, War of the Worlds.


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Brighton Coffeehouse & Theater
306 West Main, Brighton, MI, 48116 USA
(734) 972-1266
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Open daily 6:30 a.m. - 11 p.m