Shaka Cafe acai bowls for breakfast at counter in howell.

Shaka Cafe

Shake Cafe is working to bring healthy yet exciting food options for the entire family to the Brighton Howell Area. The entire menu is dairy-free, soy-free, vegetarian, and low-fat. The dedicated team behind Shaka Cafe makes sure to have nut-free and gluten-free options for every menu item. Welcome to Howell’s food-sensitive paradise!

The Shake Cafe’s signature acai bowls are the fan favorite for any meal of the day. Enjoy a colorful meal while relaxing in the cafe, you can even find Live Music and other events on their Facebook to visit.

Delectable drinks include cold-pressed juice detoxes that can help you fill the gap in your daily diet. The 3-day detox options vary from nutrient-boosting to skin-glowing nutrients that will help you achieve your health or beauty goals.

While embracing the unique benefits of honey and acai ingredients, the team at this eatery is dedicated to boosting your health and supporting the community with every spoon and cupful!

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1123 E Grand River Ave
Howell, MI 48843, USA