sandwich and soda on the painted pickle stoop of toasted pickle.

The Crunchy Pickle

If you’re hungry while shopping around Howell, try this specialty sandwich shop! The Crunchy Pickle features a full menu of Italian classic sandwiches with fun and unique names. Their menu features out-of-the-box ingredients with a pickle flair! You’ll find sandwiches like Thetopped with fig jam, mortadella, prosciutto, and other Italian delicacies packaged up into a handheld masterpiece. Or choose a classic style sub like The Nancy or The Highlander.

Alongside the flavorful food menu, there is a drink menu unlike any other! The Crunchy Pickle takes soda to a new height with their gourmet options. Choose your base of Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Coke/Diet Coke, or an energy drink, then dress it up with the Gourmet Flavor Menu. Simply delicious creations like the “Hipster” has a Dr. Pepper base with added peach, raspberry, coconut, vanilla, and cream flavors.

If your sweet tooth kicks in, try their unique desserts.

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Contact Hours
116 North State Street
Howell, Michigan, United States
1 810-534-7511

Tuesday-Saturday: 11 am - 3 pm