Wildwood Ranch

Welcome to Wildwood Ranch! Your child can experience horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, and many other exciting activities. They will also learn how to live in a community setting, meet new friends, learn new skills, spend their days immersed in nature, and experience life away from home in a safe environment. The summer camp experience builds self-esteem, teaches communication skills, and creates leadership opportunities. Lives are enhanced at camp. Careers are born at the camp. Lifelong friendships are kindled at camp. Register today to save your child’s spot!

Wildwood Ranch also offers an assortment of team-building opportunities on its grounds. Their outdoor enrichment activities include kayaking and canoeing on the private lake, playing a mixture of games with your peers, rock climbing, bouldering, archery, axe throwing, and much more. Your group can build its team itinerary based on its needs, whether it be increasing communication, working together, or building relationships.

Meeting Spaces

Wildwood Ranch has facilities available for rent to organizations for weekend retreats or week-long camps. Wildwood is open year-round for retreats and conferences! However, from Memorial Day through the third week of August they limit rentals to weekends only.

They have hosted church youth groups, church board planning sessions, worship teams, girl scouts and boy scouts, leadership training seminars, class and teacher team building outings, outdoor education programs, band camps, college fellowship groups, and company picnics, just to name a few!

House up to 60 people in the four dormitory-style cabins combined into one building (North, South, East, and West). Each wing sleeps 15 people in comfortable twin-size bunks in a large open space design. Two wings on each side are connected by an interior hallway, allowing for the separation of genders if needed. There are 2 large indoor bathrooms & shower facilities located on each side, consisting of 3 sinks, 2 shower stalls, and 2 bathroom stalls. Oak Ridge also houses a convenient basement meeting space for your group!

Creek, Huron, Cherokee & Ottawa Cabins

The closest cabins to the Dining Hall facility are four secluded creekside cabins each sleeping 14 people in comfortable twin-size bunk beds. Enjoy plenty of open living space and the singular (but generously sized) indoor bathroom and shower facility.

The cabins are also within a short walk to the additional bathhouse consisting of Male and Female sides each containing 3 sinks, 3 bathroom stalls, and 2 shower stalls with changing area.

Fox & Crow Cabins

Across from the creek side cabins, the traditional and rustic Fox & Crow Cabins each sleep 14 people in comfortable twin-size bunks with plenty of open living space and an indoor bathroom that includes a toilet and sink.

Dining Hall

Kootenay Hall is a multi-use facility that is used for dining as well as a large meeting space. The friendly and helpful staff will prepare and serve quality meals, chosen by your group in advance from the current menu.

Enjoy hot, Columbian coffee at breakfast or as requested! Snacks and s’mores ingredients are also available upon request for a small additional charge.

The hall comfortably seats 112 people for meals and is an easy walk from all sleeping facilities. Feel free to bring certain decorations or tablecloths to create your own unique space!

Nature Center with Bath House

Meet at the beautiful Nature Center where a presenter will use live Michigan wildlife- reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds – along with specimens (furs, antlers, mounts, pictures, etc.) to help your students learn about the wide variety of Michigan wildlife.  The “Michigan Wildlife” course is offered at Wildwood Ranch’s Nature Center or at your school as a traveling program.

This space could be used as a meeting space for a presentation and teaching setting (one person speaking at a time). Located close to the lakefront, enjoy the convenience of 4 shower stalls and 4 bathroom stalls for showering and changing.

Pavilion Area

Enjoy covered, outdoor dining at the picnic table Pavilion! This area comfortably seats 96 people at picnic tables.

The pavilion and large charcoal grill are available for use for a small additional fee for retreat groups. Available for 3-hour time blocks for day use. Nearby, enjoy outdoor basketball courts, a sand volleyball area, a soccer field, and a backstop for softball or kickball. Also, enjoy a large open area for field games, ultimate Frisbee, etc…the options are endless!

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