a woman with a snowboard
Guest Blog
a woman with a snowboard

How to Have Your Happiest Winter in the Brighton Howell Area

Please enjoy this guest blog from Livingston County resident, Em Piro. If you were to google “Happiest Countries in the World”, you would find a list determined by various factors including GDP per capita, life expectancy, and perceived freedom/ generosity in one’s country. Additionally, one cannot help but notice the overwhelming majority of “happiest countries” …more

cider donuts and spicer's apple cider

Brighton Howell Area Fall Food Favorites

Guest blog from Kristel Lebon of @Detroit_Foodies. It’s that time of the year again – leaves changing color, temperatures getting cooler, and all your favorite fall flavors being available again on the menu. There’s undoubtedly a fall food item for everyone in the family. Luckily, there are so many great options waiting for you in …more

macaroni and cheese

The Best Mac & Cheese in the Brighton Howell Area

The king of comfort foods: Mac & Cheese. This beloved dish even has a National day to celebrate the cheesy goodness. In honor of the dominant dish of American cuisine, celebrate with one of the best Mac & Cheese in the Brighton Howell Area. Lu and Carl’s 📍: Brighton At Lu and Carl’s, the Mac …more

Unleash Your Rage in Whitmore Lake, Michigan

Please enjoy this guest blog from marketing professional and small business owner, Marissa Conniff. Do you ever feel like you need to rage out? There may be a place for you in the Brighton Howell Area. Destruction Depot – Rage Room is the veteran-owned rage room located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. This local business provides …more

pine tree needles up close

Searching for the Perfect Tree in the Brighton Howell Area

Please enjoy this guest blog from local video producer, Aaron Boak.   Christmas Tree Hunt 2019 from ACB PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.   As a full-time video producer and a native of Howell, I am always looking to combine my passion for video and storytelling at a must-stop location. Every year my family and I search …more

Man holding large fish

Fishing in the Brighton Howell Area

Please enjoy this guest blog from local angler, Kim Stricker.   As a passionate angler and seasoned resident of Livingston County, I’ve had the opportunity to cast a lure in several of the water bodies within the region. There are numerous lakes within the county lines ranging in size up to 677 acres, many with …more

White Breasted Nuthatch

Hand-Feeding Birds at Kensington Metropark

Please enjoy this guest blog from local photographer, Jocelyn Anderson.   Several years ago the birds along the nature trails at Kensington Metropark learned that it was safe to take food from people’s hands. This trust has carried on through the years, with many birds partaking in the food offerings from the many visitors to …more

A mural of a woman blowing leaves into the air

The Artistic Movement in Livingston County

Please enjoy this guest blog from local artist, Kelly Beacome, as well as photographs from other artists in the Livingston County community. Hello, my name is Kelly Beacome. I am an artist living in Howell. My parents moved to Brighton in 1979 and I have spent most of my life in this county. I met …more