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Fishing in the Brighton Howell Area

June 5, 2020

Please enjoy this guest blog from local angler, Kim Stricker.


As a passionate angler and seasoned resident of Livingston County, I’ve had the opportunity to cast a lure in several of the water bodies within the region. There are numerous lakes within the county lines ranging in size up to 677 acres, many with public access. What’s more is, practically all support viable fishing opportunities with the chance of hooking a trophy-sized bonus to boot. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are prevalent in most Livingston County waters, as are northern pike and several species of panfish including crappie and bluegill. A few of the larger lakes offer the chance of catching walleye and tiger musky as well.

Man holding large fish

Brian McCarter holding 17-pound northern pike. Caught while filming a Hook n’ Look episode on Woodland Lake.


Knowledgeable anglers will agree that catching fish is a relatively simple task, locating the fish within a lake is by far the greatest challenge. After all, you have to locate them to catch them. Both of these undertakings can be accomplished more successfully with a general understanding of the seasonal migration of the targeted species along with proven presentations that accompany the cyclical pattern.


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My utmost recommendation would be to hit the lakes after Memorial Day when most species are shallow and easily accessible from a boat or the bank. Bass will be cruising the inside of weedbeds and can be easily caught using weightless wacky-rigged plastic worms. My preference at this time of year is a 5” Strike King Ocho stickworm rigged with an O-Wacky Tool O-ring. As summer begins, topwater baits become very effective over weedbeds in 4 to 8ft. of water as bass are aggressively protecting fingerlings.

Man holding fish

Kim Stricker with 5-pound largemouth bass (Portage Chain)

During the heat of mid-summer, look for bass along the outside weed edges that drop off into deeper water. Remember, bass are edge oriented and will travel and hold along some type of edge. As the water cools in the fall, many fish will remain around the deeper breaks, occasionally cruising the shallower flats to feed.


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So, whether you’re a boater, bank fisherman, pro or novice, be assured you can find plenty of productive angling opportunities worth exploring within Livingston County.


Professional angler, underwater videographer, Host and Producer of the nationally broadcasted televised fishing show “Hook n’ Look”. Kim is a resident of Livingston County, and recently received the honor of being inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.


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